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The Innovative Concepts Support Department
The Innovative Concepts Support Department services the technical needs of businesses and is the heart of the entire operation. Most clients will only interact with staff from this department as this is the go to place to get answers to anything of a technical nature.

The support department was originally created to help a business who had hired Innovative Concepts to design, build, and implement a complete operations control system. Because Innovative Concepts chose to build this system based on the PC environment (as opposed to a mini, a mainframe, etc.), the clients network was actually to blame for most issues. Keep in mind that this system was built in 1990, well before many network standards made their way into the general mainstream. However, to best serve its client, Innovative Concepts chose to provide general network support and brought everything from the PC hardware, the network cabling, and the server operating system to a competent level.

Interestingly enough, this client realized that because of this overall technical increase, the entire company saved money and was more efficient all around. The owner of this company then began telling other business owners about his experience. As a result, the Innovative Concepts support department was born well before "Outsourced IT" was even a word.

Today, the same ideal is striven for. The phrase "We're Your Support Department" is true to our nature. We want to be treated as though we are an internal component of your organization. For those businesses that understand what we do, we can be very successful in both saving them money and providing more. For example, check out our icExchange service. This service costs less than running a Microsoft Exchange server in-house, but also provides many more options than would otherwise be utilized. We look forward to working with you!

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