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icWeb: The Innovative Concepts Internet Services Website
icWeb is the catch-all self service website where we put the administration of anything related to an Internet service. From registering a domain name, hosting a website, running a blog, using a shopping cart, setting up email, sending bulk email the legal way, or even getting a dedicated or virtual (cloud) server that runs in our facility, this is the place to purchase, setup, configure, and maintain any of these services.

Why is it called self-service? Isn't Innovative Concepts all about full service? Yes, and Yes. Innovative Concepts is full service. However, in order to provide full service we need to both have a good administration system that our techs can access from anywhere and we need to allow our customers who want to do something themselves the ability to do that too.

Innovative Concepts is offering the best of both worlds. Unlike most domain registrars or email providers, the customer must manage all aspects of everything. With icWeb, Innovative Concepts can perform all of the initial steps and then hand over the day to day administration directly to the client. However, as is the Innovative Concepts norm, a real person is always available to do anything from answering a simple question to handling the entire request.

We hope that you take some time a browse all the services available!

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