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icVOIP: The Innovative Concepts Hosted Business Phone System
These days, telephone systems have become more like computer systems. Fortunately, Innovative Concepts is not an infant in this market either. VOIP is the new way to communicate. Not only can it cut costs, but it can also provide more features than otherwise available.

What does "Hosted" mean? In a non hosted system, each facility must purchase both the telephones that go on each desk as well as a server that interfaces to some phone network. Not only does this server cost a lot, it also is complex and can have many ways to break down. In a hosted system, each client must only purchase the telephones. As long as these phones are connected to the Internet, they work. The complexity is located elsewhere, where there are people whose sole job is to keep them operating.

My phone system is VOIP, right? Most people believe that they have a VOIP system. However, this term is often misunderstood, especially in a non-hosted system. The telephone may be VOIP and use Ethernet to communicate with the box in the back room. However, the server in that back room may simply use standard telephone connections. This is not true VOIP. A hosted solution, like icVOIP, uses the Internet (IP) all the way from the telephone itself all the way to the hosting provider.

The two biggest benefits for using a hosted VOIP phone system are: 1. The ability to keep working even if your facility is completely destroyed. Any phone can be taken to anywhere else and get on the Internet. The entire phone system can be changed in real-time to forward incoming calls anywhere desired, like a cell phone. 2. Cost. Enjoy flat rate long distance and less up-front equipment to buy.

We hope that you consider icVOIP, we use it!

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