Innovative Concepts icMonitor


icMonitor: The Innovative Concepts Automatic Monitoring System
The Innovative Concepts automatic monitoring system, commonly known as icMonitor, automatically checks the health of a network by testing everything from the outermost connection all the way down to the individual processes running on a server. icMonitor is used for all Innovative Concepts internal networks and servers, all client owned servers co-located in any of our facilities, as well as any client that has a dedicated IP address and/or a local server.

icMonitor consists of a bank of servers located at multiple physical locations that not only check everything mentioned above, but also check that they themselves are up and running too. By default, Innovative Concepts will monitor one server at one location. If a client would like more than one server monitored, a local icMonitor may be purchased that will monitor all local operations and then report everything back to the primary system.

Logging into icMonitor allows our clients to see a current snapshot of their system anytime. Additionally, Innovative Concepts Support personnel can login and see every operation for every client easily. And since icMonitor is highly connected with icDocumentation, everyone can ensure everything is documented well.

Operating non-stop, if icMonitor detects a warning state, all Innovative Concepts Support technicians are notified in addition to any client who wishes to receive alerts as well. If an issue becomes worse, the alert is elevated to an Error state and everyone is notified again. Whether any monitored service is in a warning or error state, everyone will continue to be notified until the issue is fixed, or one of the Support Technicians claims the issue. In either case, everyone will be notified once more when the issue is resolved.

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