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icHelp: The Innovative Concepts Remote Help System
Everyone knows that a picture is worth a 1,000 words. Well, sometimes it is easier for Innovative Concepts staff to see what is on your screen as opposed to being told what is there. This makes everything go more smooth. The Innovative Concepts self developed Remote Help System, commonly known as icHelp, does just that.

icHelp is available in two forms. The first, and more widely used, is a "no installation necessary" version that allows the fastest and easiest setup. The Innovative Concepts Support Department will direct a user to run Remote Help, there is no configuration and no installation needed by the user. Once the application is launched, the only question asked is for a connection code. This code is generally the Innovative Concepts phone extension. Both computers, the source and the destination, are relayed through a server inside of a Innovative Concepts collocation facility and allows operations through all standard routers and firewalls.

The second form allows icHelp to remain connected to the icHelp relay server even when the user is away from their desk. This version of icHelp uses icDocumentation as its source for security and automatic documentation. Additionally, this version remains in the system tray and gives direct access to system information, warranty information, and most of icDocumentation's job related searches and request features.

We hope that icHelp can make your life easier someday!

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