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icExchange: The Innovative Concepts Complete Hosted Microsoft Exchange Solution
Innovative Concepts always strives to find services that provide more for less. This is definitely one of those cases. Operating a Microsoft Exchange Server in-house no longer makes any sense. By the time everything is considered from licensing to SPAM maintenance, the cost is horrendous. Hosted Microsoft Exchange is cheaper and contains many more features that are hard to implement otherwise.

Need Proof? Read our blog articles on this topic. One article documents how an accounting firm calculated the exact cost savings and realized that switching to icExchange was the right choice. Most impressive was the fact that their previous outsourced IT firm had just upgraded the hardware and licenses only a year earlier. Even with losing that investment, icExchange was still a cheaper choice.

So far, cost has only been mentioned. However, the redundancy, the bandwidth capacity, and the reliability are another drastic difference between an in-house system and the hosted icExchange service. Most companies would only invest in a single Microsoft Exchange server. When that machine has issues, nobody can be productive. icExchange is built using the highest level of Microsoft Exchange that allows any one of many servers handle a connection all while still looking like a single server. Most companies have OK inbound bandwidth but lack much outbound. icExchange servers are located in the San Francisco bay area because of the incredible bandwidth capacity and the fact that this area manages more email traffic than anywhere else in the world. Most companies do not purchase the best of class hardware that is the standard in Innovative Concepts servers. All these reasons make icExchange the best choice for many companies.

Why use any Microsoft Exchange service? It is well known that Microsoft Exchange is the best choice for a companies internal collaboration. With the natural integration of Microsoft Outlook it also has the interface everyone wants. Does this mean that you cannot use Google or Apple services? No, Innovative Concepts knows how to create hybrid systems and find the best solution for everyone.

We hope that you consider icExchange for your communications platform!

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