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icDocumentation: The Innovative Concepts Central Documentation And Accounting System
The Innovative Concepts central documentation and accounting system, commonly known as icDocumentation, handles most of the internal operations at Innovative Concepts. First digitized in 1994 using a Microsoft Access Database, it did not take long before it was migrated to Microsoft SQL Server and then to MySQL. Originally, this system was designed to simply store, and later search for, a brief description that was done for a particular client.

Nowadays, icDocumentation has grown to handle much more. Innovative Concepts personnel manage their entire schedule which is automatically pushed into a Microsoft Exchange Server so normal alerts on Outlook and/or smart phones can occur. They also use it for their timecard, a complete communication tool, a contact database (which is also pushed up to the Exchange Server), and so on. The accounting staff use icDocumentation to review and process each "job" into an invoice. Multiple jobs can be consolidated into a single invoice and jobs/invoices can be automatically generated from another list of monthly billings. Of course, this system automatically talks with QuickBooks to ensure proper accounting principles are maintained.

Our CEO, Lonny Rollins, has always believed that every client should be able to see any internal note regarding anything done for them. This system guarantees that too. Any client can login and perform a very extensive search, submit a work request, store sensitive information in a password vault, reprint invoices, view statements, online billpay, and so on. By the way, this system allows one-time and scheduled payments from Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, PayPal, and even Google Wallet.

Since Innovative Concepts is also a full engineering development company, icDocumentation is constantly evolving. Additionally, its internal API allows many of Innovative Concepts other systems to connect, add, manipulate, and update records automatically. Most importantly, we are very proud to say that icDocumentation has only been down for a cumulative of 23 minutes in the last 15 years. We sincerely hope that you utilize this system with us.

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