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icBackup: The Innovative Concepts Complete Online And Local Backup Solution
Everyone knows that Innovative Concepts has been on the forefront of many Internet and otherwise technical services. What many do not know is how far back it goes. Innovative Concepts first envisioned an online backup system in 1995 and implemented it first in 1996!

In its first incantations, icBackup consisted of a small footprint PC running Red Hat Linux. Instead of big tapes that were hard to confirm successful operation, icBackup had removable hard drive cartridges. These cartridges stored the actual live backup files so as to minimize the time each file on the server was "locked". After a successful backup, the changes to each file, and only the changes to each file were uploaded to an online server. Since most connections were over dialup modem, this allowed the transmission to complete before the business opened the next morning.

Yes, there are a lot of options for online backup these days. However, one feature is available with icBackup that is hard to find elsewhere. If you notice from the story above, the backup existed both in-house and on-line. Having a backup in-house allows for the fastest recovery time. Having a backup on-line allows for the best catastrophic event recovery.

Of course, the most important feature of any backup system is the reporting. To have a backup system fail every night, while everyone thinks it is working properly is the worst case scenario. icBackup monitors the health and success of each backup and provides an exception report via email anytime even the slightest error occurs.

We hope that you ask us why icBackup is better than any other choice. We have many years of stories we can tell.

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