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The Innovative Concepts Engineering Department
The Innovative Concepts Engineering Department provides technical development for a wide array of markets. A quick glance at the client gallery will show that work has been done for companies in government, toy manufacturers, and medical devices. A more in-depth review of our past performance will prove that Innovative Concepts has had a part in developing something that you have used.

The engineering department's earliest creations was software to run businesses. This was done more than 6 years before the term ERP was even considered. In one early implementation, software monitored the complete manufacturing process of a medical lotion. Additional hardware was created to not only monitor the production line, but also make changes to influence the end product. This lotion took more than 10 months to produce which included delays for testing, monitoring, adjustments, etc. The system allowed everyone from the CEO to the local/regional representatives to track every ounce of solution, to process orders, and forecast need. This information was used to impact the production line in real time.

Because the Innovative Concepts CEO, Lonny Rollins, graduated as a Computer Engineer from Cal Poly - San Luis Obispo, he was fluent in both hardware and software development. (You can consider Computer Engineering like a double major consisting of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering). This combination allowed Innovative Concepts to accept projects that combined the best use of hardware and software and can be realized in the many awards clients received for products Innovative Concepts helped make a reality.

Today, the same ideal is striven for. We are a team dedicated to create the best product possible while never losing site of the big picture. We look forward to making something with you!

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