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The Innovative Concepts Business Development Department
The Innovative Concepts Business Development Department provides two main functions. The first, and most obvious, role is to provide existing and potential clients information on what Innovative Concepts can do for them.

However, in another way that Innovative Concepts is preferred, Business Development is a service provided to help clients with their "Business Processes". A lot of businesses want process control but do not know how to implement or even define it. The Innovative Concepts Business Development team works with management to come up with the best way to describe their internal processes. Once these processes are defined, then the Innovative Concepts Engineering Department can build a system to enforce these processes. Of course, once the system has been created, the Innovative Concepts Support Department is available for any form of assistance needed.

The overriding goal of this entire operation is to reduce costs. At a minimum, this system needs to provide management a single page view of the state of everything. At a maximum, this system can control every stage of every step of everything. Of course, when it is complete, it needs to be incredibly efficient so as not to be a burden on the staff.

On a final note, a comparison. If a company believes that they are different, then they should not expect any off-the-shelf software to operate the way that they do. Of course, to save money, some off-the-shelf software or open-source code should be utilized where appropriate. Therefor, if a company believes they are different, then they should have a control system that is different too.

We at Innovative Concepts look forward to helping you become more efficient!
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